Jun 7, 2017

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  • timberjohn27
    Jul 13, 2018

    Hi, I keep seeing a lot of news about the new market of wearable devices, with existing devices like Google Glass, Pebble smartwatch etc that are out, and all the hype around the mystical smartwatch from Apple and various rumours from other companies like Microsoft, but are these actually a good idea? I think Glass-like devices will be utterly niche, and to concentrate on something that is more likely to be acceptable to the general public, smartwatches, I think this is a solution looking for a problem. I can't think of anyone that I personally know that would have any use for a smartwatch. The few that wear watches generally wear them for fashion or sentimental reasons, a few that have physical labour type jobs wear cheap watches that they can break or no watch at all for safety reasons, and most have completely stopped wearing watches back when mobile phones became commonplace. The smartphone is more than portable enough, and small enough to be with everyone all the time, and there is no added advantage to having the same information replicated on your wrist on an near uselessly small screen that I can see. I'd be happy to be proven wrong with some amazing product with use cases that nobody seems to have come up with, but I think it would be a dangerous market to invest heavily into for any of the big companies. Does anyone actually want one of these, or know why they'd be a big seller? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- Online Video Production Service Thanks!
  • davefollmer
    Jun 9, 2018

    HI, I just finished reading this interesting piece on Cary Grant, and a bit of it focused on how he dressed. It occurred to me that no matter how much I spend on custom tailoring suits, I'll never be able to look like Cary Grant, or any classic leading men for that matter, because, due to genetic and other issues, I lack a full head of hair. This got me to thinking: are there any classic, or even modern, leading men without a full head of hair who dress that impeccably? Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas come to mind, but I wouldn't really categorize them as "classic leading man" and Savalas' style was decidedly 70s, not timeless. There are some modern leading men, but the only ones I can think of are action heroes like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and Dwayne Johnson. The first often dons a nice suit, but again is more an action star than debonair. The last two aren't really dress-up kind of guys (unless I'm forgetting some roles, which is likely). Are or were there any follically challenged, sartorially competent men out there that the less genetically fortunate of us can cue from? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: software explainer example Thank you.
  • davefollmer
    Jun 9, 2018

    HI, You've all seen it. The typical Asian geek. No sense of style. Whether I like it or not, clothes and appearance are very important for first impressions. Well, I've been trying to improve on that lately. I've been dressing better and taking better care of myself. One of the few things that are left is my hair. You see, I have very typical Asian hair: straight and limpy. So bad that I can't wear a hat/toque/hood without completely destroying my hair for the entire day. I guess it might be a byproduct of shampooing my hair too much until it turns into a crisp. Lately I've just been shampooing every second day and just giving it a good thorough rinse on the in-between days. It's gained a lot of volume. I've also let it grow out slightly more than I usually let it (I tend to keep it short - a haircut every month or so. Now it's about two and half months). This is because I'm looking for a new hairstyle, and I can be more flexible with longer hair (you can only cut and remove, not add). Currently, I have the typical Asian geek hair style. just straight and combed forward. No, not the one where it parts down the side or the middle. You've all seen it if you've ever been to University. On special days I use that D:Fi hair putty to make it messy. But, I've had this for about 4-5 years now, so I want something new. I was thinking of dyeing my hair and making it more punk (ie. avoiding the stereotypical blonde highlights that urban Asians tend to have). Does anyone have any suggestions that would look good on Asians? Or does anyone know of any resources for Asian hairstyles? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Home Device Example Thank you.

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